Reading and Digging Deep

The Big Dig is approaching at the end of this month and we’re currently busy sifting through all of the applications to take part – you’re an eager lot!

In the meantime, you can do some exploring of the literary kind at a special upcoming Short Course at the Mansion House just before The Big Dig gets underway:

Dig Deep Short Course

“Out of the firelight everything was black and silver, black island, rocks and trees carved cleanly out of the sky and silver river with a flashing light rippling back and forth along the lip of the fall.”

Sound intriguing? Come along and read more of The Inheritors with Amanda Boston of The Reader Organisation for a day combining great literature and a journey into the lives of our earliest ancestors.

For more information, see The Reader Organisation’s website:

To book straight away, email or call 0151 729 2200.

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