Day 9 – It never rains… it pours!

We had decided to spend Wednesday washing and sorting the hundreds of pieces of pottery we’d discovered during the previous week and a half. The main reason for this was the poor weather; however when we arrived to set up the tables in the old Theatre Room at the back of the mansion the weather wasn’t looking at all bad.

Trench Morning

We decided to press on with our plan anyway and we’re glad we did because within a few minutes of our volunteers arriving, the heavens opened and we were left with trenches like mudpits.

Trench Wet

All the finds from all our trenches had been carefully placed into trays to be cleaned. This meant lots of scrubbing with brushes, sometimes big ones and sometimes little tooth brushes.

Toothbrush Cleaning

It was nice to see some of the very mucky items we’d dug up cleaned.

Slip Ware John Masonic Pipe

It was also nice to see so many volunteers learning that not all archaeological work is carried out in trenches and that a lot of the finds have to be sorted, recorded and cleaned.

Finds Sorting

Not a dramatic day but there was a lovely atmosphere and It was especially nice when the BBC arrived to film some of our work.

Fran BBC

Keep your eyes peeled and hopefully we’ll be back in the ground tomorrow!


Keep your eyes peeled and hopefully we’ll be back in the grou

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