Welcome to our blog especially for Calderstones Mansion, brought to you by The Reader Organisation.

It’s a busy time for us here as we continue to redevelop the Mansion House to become the International Centre for Reading, and we want to make sure you don’t miss out on all the exciting stuff that’s happening day-to-day as the Mansion bursts to life once more. So that’s why the blog is here – to keep you updated on everything that’s happening from a number of different voices. Think of it as the Mansion’s Diary, written by those who are in it the most.

There’s always lots happening, whether we’re sharing stories and experiences in our weekly reading groups, holding outdoor theatre performances at our Garden Theatre, preparing for the opening of the North West’s first interactive story centre – or just getting to grips with the well-worn plumbing systems.

Make sure you keep checking back regularly for all the updates, and you can also see what we’re up to over on Twitter and Facebook:


Calderstones Mansion on Facebook

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