Register for the Big Dig

The Big Dig is happening from Monday 27th April to Friday 8th May 2015. Volunteers are invited to join us to undertake an archaeological investigation of the park. As with all archaeology it’s difficult to know what we’ll find, especially as the exact locations of many of the early sites within the park are not known. But we’re sure to find some evidence about how this area has been used in the past, and this is your opportunity to have a go at the work of archaeologists and learn some new skills.

Spaces on the Big Dig are strictly limited. Contact us to register your interest and indicate when you’d be available to work with us (weekdays between 27th April and 8th May). Volunteers are asked to give at least 2 days time. Please indicate any disabilities which would affect your ability to undertake physical work and we’ll find alternative activities to suit you. Bookings on a first-come, first-served basis.

As spaces are limited, it’s advised that all interested parties are able to let us know of their full availability over the two week period. This will allow us to allocate time effectively to allow the most people to join in with the Big Dig. Please note: we expect a minimum commitment of two days, with a maximum alloted time of four days on the Big Dig

If you’re interested in being involved, please download and complete the application and availability forms below and return to

Download The Big Dig application form

Download The Big Dig Availiability Form

2 thoughts on “Register for the Big Dig

  1. Fascinating account of your work. I’m up to Day10 – please let me know about anything else you find. Thanke


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